A new project, a new space
An evening dedicated to the work Suspended Shapes

Forme Sospese 2 Lia Stein

Suspended Shapes – The Project

If we are so used to looking at the world from our own personal point of view, it is because
this satisfies a deep-rooted need to rationalize reality. It is within this context that Lia Stein
endeavours to transcend the ephemeral limits of mere description: to do this, she observes
places, settings and surfaces, seeking to find a meaning in what she sees. The starting
point thus becomes a void within which shapes are totally free to move. Resplendent on a
black background, the archetypal silhouette of a triangle moves like a space shuttle:
golden walls converge at a point where they form a sky-blue square; the circular lines of a
vortex heighten the contrast between the whiteness of one side and the alternating colours
of the other; and transparencies cross the thickness of parallelepipeds disposed like the
curtains of an imaginary theatre. So now everything is rearranged into a visual path with its
mysterious charm, while suspended shapes soar into space.

Roberto Mutti


Forme sospese Lia Stein