Unfortunately, very few were able to admire the shots of Lia Stein exhibited at the Parisian exhibition “La Rigueur du Regard”, inaugurated in the early days of the lockdown. Now that, at least, in Italy, the situation has improved and it is possible to move freely, the opportunity is renewed. The shots presented in the exhibition “Il Rigore dello Sguardo” curated by Roberto Mutti which collects various works from the 3M Foundation archive, will be visible at the “Penisola di Luce” photography festival in Sestri Levante, which has reached its 14th edition this year.

The works by Lia Stein selected by the curator are two shots from the “Forme nello Spazio”,  2018 and “Geometrie Chromatiche”, 2017, works that have become part of the 2000s Acquisitions Collection of the 3M Foundation archive.

Promoted by the Municipality of Sestri Levante in collaboration with Mediterraneo Servizi, sponsored by FIAF, organized by the Carpe Diem Association with the artistic coordination of Roberto Montanari, the event dedicated to Lanfranco Colombo will host important exhibitions, workshops, portfolio readings, conferences and projections as always.

The main event of the Peninsula of Light is the “National Circuit Portfolio Italy” competition created by the FIAF, of which Sestri Levante is part of the fourth stage of the ten scheduled, and which every year makes use of the presence of different photography experts ready to read and identify the best works of the numerous participating photographers.

In order to comply with the new safety standards, special “vertical lectern tables” will be set up, also in outdoor public spaces, to ensure social distancing and at the same time to allow the public present to comfortably sit and read.