The Atelier

In 2019 Lia Stein opens a completely new space, characterized by unprecedented features, the intention to meet the public and at the same time the author’s need to show the beauty and distinctive elements of her work. That’s because Lia Stein moves easily from personal research to professional commissioned work, two complementary dimensions not opposed to each other.

The investigations on the architectural space, the works characterized by accentuated geometries, the research on light that led it to go beyond two-dimensionality to create three-dimensional photographic lamps or stone prints are some of the proposals that will surprise the public. Among the latest creations we mention the most recent photo walls, photographic wallpapers highly appreciated by those who intend to make the walls of a room spectacular.

In her Atelier, Lia often organizes meetings with artists not necessarily belonging to the world of photography or the visual arts. Sharing opportunities that are always positive moments of dialogue, relationship and personal enrichment.

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